Your brokenness is they key to knowing God as Father. 

This book will provide guidance for those healing from father hurts, who struggle to accept God’s love and purpose. It highlights how aggressively Satan distorts the father role to fracture your life in the areas of: 

* Personal identity
* Personal security
* Personal failures
* Personal confidence 

In a culture where the father role, the father commitment, and the father endurance are all under attack, we need a fresh glimpse at who God is as Father and an understanding of how receiving Him in that way can change our lives and our destiny. God can truly reverse and restore any area in a life broken down by a father wound.


What others are saying about ABBA

Abba deals with the important subject of identity. A revelation of the Father is essential in walking in purpose and destiny. Dr. Matthew Stevenson challenges the misconceptions of the Father and challenges us to walk in the truth of who He is. This book will provoke you and help you adjust your thinking. Dr. Stevenson is always stretching his audience to think outside of the box of religion and tradition. The truth sets us free. Let the truths of this book set you free from any limitations of your understanding of God. I pray the LORD will give you understanding as you consider what is said and taught. Walk in your purpose and identity, and fulfill the plan of God for your life.

—Apostle John Eckhardt Overseer, 
Crusaders Church 
Best-Selling Author

At a time when the world—and even many in the church—are confused about who they really are, Matthew Stevenson offers compassionate guidance to people who have suffered father hurts, deal with rejection issues, and struggle to truly understand God’s heart in Abba. With keen insight and a relatable style, Matthew sets the stage for readers to receive a revelation of God’s love that brings healing to known and hidden wounds in their souls. I highly recommend this book.

—Prophet Jennifer LeClaire 
Senior Editor, Charisma Magazine 
Director, Awakening House of Prayer 
Author, Jezebel’s Puppets

Dr. Matthew Stevenson is a trailblazing pioneer. His writing and communication is timely, prophetic, and articulate. In Abba he points you to the identity of God in order to reveal your authentic identity. This teaching provides much-needed answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Abba will set you free from many lies and traps of the enemy and set you on course to be the world changer that you are called to be!

—Ryan LeStrange


Matthew L. Stevenson III

Matthew L. Stevenson III is a powerful governmental prophet and an apostolic overseer. He has been in ministry for sixteen years and has served as the senior pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly for twelve years. He holds three earned academic degrees in the areas of leadership, education, and ministry. He oversees more than sixty ministries through The Gate Network, which is a family of churches and ministries around the world that look to him for supervision, oversight, and apostolic leadership. He is the husband of Dr. Kamilah Stevenson and the father of three.



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